About Crocodile Oil

About Crocodile Oil

A Little About Crocodile Oil

Crocodiles are regarded as living fossils due to their resistance to evolutionary change. Crocodiles have the strongest immune system in the world. This discovery has made the oil popular, although the oil has in fact been used for many generations by natural healers and is highly regarded as a wonder oil for the skin.

Crocodile oil has been used as a natural remedy for centuries as a skin healer in many countries, but is only now available due to extensive crocodile farming worldwide. This is not so surprising given that Crocodiles have the most powerful immune system in nature through their evolved capacity. Their serum fights off diseases such as MRSA which were not even in existence until relatively recent years. MRSA causes serious skin infections in humans. Researchers believe that these strong antibiotic properties are found in their fat.  Our crocodile oil is obtained from the fat of crocodiles.

Scientists have discovered a powerful agent in crocodiles that may one day be used to fight off infection. Tests have found that the substance in the crocodile blood and fat, an anti-microbial peptide, kills strains of virulent bacteria that are resistant to all standard antibiotics. Despite the horrendous injuries that crocodiles inflict on each other, their wounds rarely get infected, even when submerged in bacteria infested environments. The wounds also heal in a very short time. Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dry & itchy Skin, Acne, Minor Burns & Scarring, , Muscle Injuries and Nappy Rash have all been helped and provided relief by using Crocodile Oil for over centuries.

When applied to the skin, crocodile oil has beneficial results keeping skin supple thus helping to prevent and heal a number of skin problems and conditions found in mankind.

Crocodile Oil is a skin protector and healing agent which improves the healing process in wounds and lesions and helps prevent scar formation.  It is highly penetrative and does not leave an oily residue on the skin.  It is also rich in essential fatty acids: omegas 3, 6 and 9, making it very beneficial for your skin.

Obtained from farmed crocodiles, our oil is completely natural and unadulterated with any chemicals.  The unique properties of this oil will help put back nourishment and moisture into dry, cracked, itchy, irritable, aged, rough skin and is gentle enough for all skin types, including hypersensitive skin.

Crocodile Oil helps stop bleeding, soothes burns, hot water scalds, sunburn, cuts, abrasions, cold sores, bruises, insect bites and stings, chafed, scraped and irritated and injured skin; helps, improve skin’s condition and texture can be used as a massage oil, mosquito repellent oil, oil carminative. Its anti-bacterial and skin healing property is excellent for use in your treatment of acne as it helps to minimize scarring. Excellent also for rosacea or eczema along the eyelids.

Note: we find using the crocodile oil quite effective on eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis lesions.

Directions: Apply liberally on affected areas, 3 to 4 times daily. Oil will congeal in a cold.

Discover the secret of the world’s most powerful and amazing oil… You won’t be disappointed! climate, warm up and shake well before use.

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